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Web CMS (Content Management System) is a method for managing website content. The idea is to keep the website content seperate from the physical web pages - usually implemented using a database. The website content can then be controlled and manipulated in a flexible manner.

Advantages of using CMS:

Example CMS implementations:

Built a customized content management solution for AnotherAnnArbor.org. Administrable content includes and events calendar, news features, photo albums, organization listings, distributed calendaring, and an online forum.
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Spaly Group, Inc.
Built administrative tools for managing several categories of real estate listings.
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Chris Jordan Photography
Enabled the artist to edit and update all the information on the website. Extensions include photo galleries and updateable item lists.
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Creeping Time
Designed and built a custom website for the band Creeping Time. Members can manage the show calendar, news features, and the guestbook. A custom guestbook is also open to the general public.
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Sarathan Records
Built a content management tool for controlling information on the record label's artists. Multiple categories and levels of information for each artist.
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More sites where I've implemented CMS: